Hagar Rental Ordinance - Township Board Review August 8th.  Public Input Welcome.

The Hagar Township Planning Commission approved the Rental Ordinance after a Public Hearing held on July 5th.  The Rental Ordinance has been passed to the Township Board for review and discussion.   A copy of the ordinance is at the Township Hall or by download here.  

The Township Board will receive public input at it's August 8th regular meeting.

The Hagar Township Planning Commission held the first Public Hearing for the Rental Ordinance on March 1st.  The ordinance has since been revised to incorporate input and additional descriptions.  The second Public Hearing was held on July 5th at which time the draft document was approved for submission to the Township Board.

Draft operational process and forms required to support the administration of the Ordinance are available at the Township Hall.    

The Ordinance is not finalized or adopted until approved by the Township Board.  

Rental Ordinance Overview