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Township Officials

Township Board Planning Commission Board of Appeals
Izzy DiMaggio
Fred Koenigshof
Fred Koenigshof
Township Clerk
Sarah Rodriguez
Elaine Theisen
Mark Tomcray
Township Treasurer
Susan Herrmann
Andy Ulleg
Peter Colovos
Andy Ulleg
Richard O'Leary
Susan Herrmann
Robert E. Schroeder
Bryan Conrad

• Moderates board and annual meetings • Chief assessing officer – Supervises our township assessor • Secretary to board of review • Township’s legal agent – Supervises our attorney • Maintains records of supervisor’s office • Develops township budget • Appoints some commission members • May call special meetings

• Maintains custody of all township records • Maintains general ledger • Prepares warrants for township checks • Records and maintains township meeting minutes • Keeps the township book of oaths • Responsible for special meeting notices • Keeps voter registration file and conducts elections • Keeps township ordinances book • Prepares financial statements • Delivers tax certificates to supervisor and county clerk by Sept. 30 • Shall appoint a deputy • Shall post a surety bond

• Collects real and personal property taxes • Receives receipts for township expenditures • Issues township checks • Deposits township revenues in approved depositories • Invests township funds in approved investment vehicles • Collects delinquent personal property tax • Responsible for jeopardy assessments in collecting property tax • Collects mobile home specific tax • Issues and collects fees for dog licenses • Shall appoint a deputy • Shall post a surety bond

• Township legislator, required to vote on all issues • Responsible for township’s fiduciary health • Other duties as assigned by board

Hagar Township also appoints a board member to the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals as well as a parks director and cemetery director. The board generally keeps one board member on our joint fire board.

Other Boards
Planning Commission
A township’s legal authority to plan and zone is derived from the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, Public Act 33 of 2008 (MCL 125.3801-125.3885), and the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, PA 110 of 2006 (MCL 125.3101-125.3702). The Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing and approving development plans for compliance with Township ordinances, or in some instances, making recommendations to the Township Board. The chairman of the planning commission is also the chairmain of zoning board of appeals.

Zoning Board of Appeals
Judicial review of variance and special use applications. This committee works with the building inspector to review zoning exceptions.

Board of Review
Judicial review board hearing appeals to assessment decisions. The Township Supervisor acts as the secretary for the board.

Construction Board of Appeals
Judicial review board hearing appeals to building code violations. This committee works with the building inspector and meets only when requested.

Downtown Development Authority
Hagar Township created a Downtown Development Authority (DDA) district to promote economic development in the Riverside community. The DDA operates through a millage fund that is renewed periodically.

Fire Board
Hagar Township has a joint agreement with Coloma Charter Township and Coloma City to provide fire service to all areas. The six person fire board consists of two residents from each municipality. The Fire Board manages the day-to-day operations of the North Berrien Fire Rescue including adopting a budget. The three municipalities are financially responsible for operating expenses based upon a calculated percentage. A fire service millage fund is used in Hagar Township. In 2010, Hagar Township also enacted a fire truck replacement millage to replace our aging fleet.