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Hagar Township Inspectors  employs or contracts inspectors to perform required inspections to support legal requirements as well as zoning ordinances.

Building Butch Kelley (269) 208-6534  
Electrical William Fox (517) 315-7344  
Plumbing Mike Fields (269) 348-4386  
Mechanical Walter DeVisser (269) 427-7543  
Ordinance Officer Bill Tucker (269) 326-6154  

The above individuals do not have stated office hours so please contact directly, or leave a message at the Hagar Township Hall (269) 849-0455

A listing of standard fees for Hagar Township permits is available but final costs may vary depending on project or issue.  Fee Schedule.  

Sample applications forms for Site Plan, Use, Variances and Appeals.  Contact Butch Kelley with questions.  

Building Permit and Plan Review.  Fees will vary depending on project.  

Site Plan Review Application.  

Special Use Permit Application.  

Appeal of Administrative Decision.  

State Permits for Construction

Sample applications for required state inspections is available.  Please contact inspectors listed above with questions or to arrange inspections.

Mechanical Permit Application

Electrical Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Hagar Township Zoning is available for viewing.  You should contact Butch Kelley, the Building Inspector and Zoning Administrator for the Township with any questions.     Hagar Zoning Map.